Monday, April 26, 2010


i love having black hair again
i want both sides of my nose pierced, please?
my lip will be back again by the end of this week
i wish workplaces were cool about tattoos and piercings...
next week i am going to the tattooist to book for me & alex i'm so excited/nervous
august 2-9 will probably be the happiest week of the year for me, i have a little present for Alex when she's here.
i pretty much have changed everything, it's like he was never in my house, everything has changed. my bedroom, bathroom, lounge room.. i just need to delete the photos and he will be gone.
i don't think i have ever appreciated tam as much as i have for the last two or so weeks, she understands everything.
last night my family came over, fuck i love them. my cousin who i haven't seen in over 5 years came with his girlfriend, so i got drunk haha.. it was a bit cute :)
my mums in new Zealand and i hate it. i miss her

my blogging is so boring, and i don't care :)


  1. I love you and am ALWAYS here for you when ever you need me!

  2. I just love this photo of you. A LOT