Sunday, April 18, 2010

so, my finger

still has a lump, still hurts & still looks yum
i wonder what has hurt my finger like this
maybe it's my body trying to shut down, it's been trying hard lately.
but i'm strong.. i won't let it.
i think i miss things, but those things were lies anyway.

i wonder why i miss the lies
i wonder why i like the lies more then the truth,
the lies kept me happy for nearly 3 years.
then one day, everything changed..
i found out all your lies
nothing will ever be the same, i feel like i need to talk to you, but you are a lie.
i don't want anymore lies, ever.
it feels like you never existed, but it's too hard to think that you were never here.

i need truth.
are there any honest people in this world left?
or am i left here alone?

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